Connect, align & Outperform with Connected Planning.

Boost your agility with Connected Planning

25th January 2022

11:30 AM (GST)


Boost your agility with Connected Planning

Today continuous disruption and an escalating pace of innovation is just business as normal, the pace always quickens and the targets only rise and managing complexity has become a job in itself. Most successful companies are now moving from siloed to connected planning and seeing better business performance as a result. Connecting financial, operational, and line-of-business planning improves decision-making and gives organizations the agility to outperform the competition.

The role of finance has changed over the years to be that of a strategic advisor and has had to partner closely with operations to get a complete view of the business. To consider all data available and to be more confident in taking action, organizations must prepare to confidently respond to three critical questions:

  • Are your finance and lines of business functions truly connected when planning?
  • Do you consider all data to make strategic decisions?
  • Do you employ advanced technologies (AI/ML) in finance to help finance work smarter?

The key to addressing these questions is having an EPM system that addresses true connected planning and has embedded advanced technologies in the context of finance’s everyday activities.

Join Oracle and their customer panel to learn how Oracle Cloud EPM applications use AI and machine learning to help the world’s largest companies build truly connected plans whilst incorporating real-time information and prescriptive insights into connected line-of-business and financial plans syncing teams with efficiency.

Be inspired to improve business planning performance, collaboration, reporting, governance, and ease of use.


Inspirational Speaker

Arthur F. Carmazzi

Founder of the Directive Communication Psychology, Bestselling Author, Ranked as one of the World's Top 10 Thought Leaders in Leadership and Company Culture

Arthur is ranked as one of the world’s Top 10 most influential thought leaders in leadership and organizational culture by Global Gurus. As a bestselling author and founder of the Directive Communication Psychology, Arthur’s gamification methodologies have influenced the training and leadership development industry through his unique game-based psychological approaches to leadership and corporate culture transformation. His innovative tools, assessments, and games, have a visible ROI on engagement, productivity and effective behaviour modification.

His research on the genetic foundations of the brain’s Ambiguity Relief clarity getting processes have been the inspiration of the Colored Brain model used across multinationals in 57 countries.

Featured Speakers

Wayne Heather

Executive Director, EMEA Product Marketing,

Ashish Dass

Senior Director & Cluster Leader,

Amir Reaziat

Business Development Manager, ECEMEA

Working Agenda

The Power to Outperform with Connected Planning

Welcome and Introduction of Agenda

Amir Reaziat

Business Development Manager, ECEMEA, Oracle

Inspirational Keynote:
Leadership and Organizational Culture Change Psychology

Arthur F. Carmazzi


Global Uncertainty and How Resilience is Important, Why Cloud?

Ashish Dass

Senior Director & Cluster Leader, Oracle

Readying HR for Current & Future Industry Changes and how technology has transformed the way healthcare works

  • Automating human resources to achieve greater operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Accelerate the recruitment and hiring of skilled clinical staff
  • Reduce human capital management costs through self-service and process improvement

Connected Planning and Intelligent Insights

Wayne Heather

Executive Director, EMEA Product Marketing, Oracle

Closing Remarks

Oracle’s Experience In Healthcare

Oracle is focused on empowering the healthcare ecosystem with applications and technology that improve patient care while driving operational efficiency. This is done through collaboration with our clients and partners to bring innovative solutions to the market that help them address their business challenges. For instance, our applications help health systems address challenges in recruiting and retaining the best talent; streamline the delivery of care by automating paper-based, manual processes; and have a cost-effective supply chain that ensures that the right medical supplies will be present when needed.

Our investment in our applications for healthcare follow a disciplined approach proven in healthcare settings to support HR transformation, analytics, process design and continuous improvement, talent and employee engagement strategy and programs, and payroll.

Today, 10 of the top 12 Fortune Global 500 healthcare organizations run Oracle applications, and 70% of the top multi-hospital systems across the globe run on Oracle technology.

Boost your agility with Connected Planning

"The Power to Outperform"

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